Monday, March 05, 2001


Akshay’s Nose Job

Those who dropped in to meet Akshay Kumar on the high-security (no visitors, no mobiles) sets of Vipul Shah’s All The Best were astonished to find his nose a little…large. In fact, his sniffer had increased to a good inch ahead of his normal aquiline nose. The enthusiastic young director has even got a pretty make-up specialist from UK especially for the film and the look takes a couple of hours everyday to put into place. The actor explained his ‘Cyrano look’ with a smile and commented, “It’s only for a couple of scenes. It’s part of the story.” What the story was he wouldn’t tell, but we hear it’s based on a bank robbery. But don’t tell anyone where you heard that…


People are estimating a budget of 11 crore rupees, but that is not true. Yes, it is a lavish budget and we are not cutting corners anywhere, but the budget is not so high as yet. Financially, there is no restrictions whatsoever from the producer’s side.
It is unfortunate that people are speaking ill about Devdas and the misfortunes that are taking place on the sets. It’s not as bad as it is made out to be. But yes, it is a great epic and even in the past those who have made Devdas had to go through a bit of misfortune. Like after Dilip Kumar completed shooting for Devdas he had to go abroad for a week for psychiatric treatment.
Yes, on our sets a unit man died due to a freak accident. But Sanjay has taken a lot of care. At the place where the unit man died Sanjay usually puts a glass of tea, water and food for the soul of the dead. It’s disgusting when people ask Sanjay whether the shooting is cancelled since the financier is in jail. But I know that Sanjay has a fighting spirit and he will fight against all odds out till this great epic is made.


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