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Ok guys, you have come this far and I hope you've enjoyed the world's largest expose on Amitabh Bachchan that we've worked hard digitizing and making available on the internet.

But Amit saab himself says in Namakhalal something along the lines of: "gaana gaane ke saath saath khaana bhi khaana chahiye"(:-, so keeping in line with that spirit, I want you guys to do me a favor and do yourselves a bigger favor and sign up right now with Alladvantage.com, a paid surfing program that in exchange for putting a small ad viewbar on your monitor when you surf the internet, PAYS you cash to surf the internet. What's more it doesn't stop there. You get royalties for all the OTHER surfers you sign up as well!

As expected, there is a catch....and there should be since this is not a charity program and they've got to make money as well. So what's the catch? Well what they (the Alladvantage.com people) do is they CUSTOMIZE the ads based on your preferences to increase the likelihood of you clicking on an ad commercial you like and subsequently at some point in time, buy your favorite products over the internet instead of going to the mall!

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I only started two months ago and have recieved payout of $32 in certified check already. Alladvantage.com is one of the responsible companies out there running this kind of program and payouts are fairly regular. To find out more, go ahead and visit www.alladvantage.com. But take my word for it and sign up if you don't mind a small viewbar on the side of your screen which allows you to make real money off your surfing experience. And why am I telling you this? Well, this is the fun part(:- When you do sign up, I want you to use my referral ID: OES-088 as the referrer.

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