Cast Amitabh Bachchan, Jackie Shorff
Director Sanjay Khan
Producer Sanjay Khan
Art Director Sabu Cyril
Music Rajesh Roshan
Cinematographer Basheer Ali
Synopsis Ramayana on celluloid with Amitabh as Lord Dashrath and Jackie Shroff as Ravan
Release Date End 2003

Jackie on Maryada Purshottom (08/05/01)
I'm very excited about the role. I think it is not right to classify Raavan as a villain. Because he did what he did because his sister's nose was cut off. His sister was his weakness and that made him behave the way he did. He was a learned man and a yogi, respected for his scholarship. Even Rama invited Raavan to do a yagna before they battled. As far as preparation for the role is concerned, I will be taking some lessons in diction and also shape up my body and work on my shoulders, biceps and foerearms.

Amitabh on Maryada Purshottom (05/15/01)
Amitabh says that Sanjay Khan, a good friend of his, offered him the role of Dashrath in his mythological Maryada Purushottam Ram and he agreed to it. "I would not have been doing the film if I were not interested in it," clarifies Amitabh. "I do not know if it is an experiment. I am doing it only because Sanjay said he was interested in making the film and that he wanted me to be a part of it."

Indiafm March 10, 01
Sanjay Khan, who made an indelible impression with several historical television serials, is now planning a historical feature film, which will roll in November. The film, titled MARYADA PURSHOTTAM and based on the epic RAMAYANA, will be made on an international scale and will star an impressive star cast. The maker has already signed Amitabh Bachchan to enact the role of Lord Dashrath, while Jackie Shroff has also been signed to play a significant role. Amongst technicians, Khan has signed art director Sabu Cyril, music director Rajesh Roshan and cinematographer Basheer Ali. A London-based company, who was responsible for the effects of THE GLADIATOR, will handle the special effects of the film. In fact, Khan left for London on March 8 to finalise the deal and will return to India next week. The film is likely to be shot all over the world and the entire shooting is likely to be wrapped up within six months of its launch. Reportedly, the project is expected to be the most expensive film ever made in India.

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